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Gruškovje Border Shop / Enota

For the Gruškovje Border Shop commission, Slovenian architecture firm Enota designed a 550m2 store situated between two roads.  Since the project has an “undemanding program”, the architects decided to create a recognizable entity that would be treated in two different ways, depending upon which road the object was viewed.
More about the shop after the break.
The simple …

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The Loft of the Future, 2nd International Design Competition

The competition is organized by FAKRO Company and Stadslab European Urban Laboratory, Fontys University (Fontys Academy of Architecture and Urbanism) from Tillburg. The organizers are seeking unconventional concepts transcending the bounds of imagination which present fully functional spaces full of natural light.
FAKRO proSky roof window type will help to achieve the main aim of the …

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AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Stéphane Chalmeau
It was a great week for ArchDaily, featuring amazing projects, some new sections, and some old you may have missed. Like our AD Photographers section featuring Stéphane Chalmeau. You can see all his photos here. Also, read about Frank Gehry vs LEED and one of our latest sections AD Classics, featuring Frank Lloyd …

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“Lost” Architecture

Radzinsky builds a scale model of the geodome on a set of Swan blueprints
LOST, perhaps one of the most popular TV shows of the last decade came to an end yesterday. You may or may not have seen the show, and you may or may not like it, but the truth is there was some …

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Delwara Community Toilets / Vir.Mueller Architects

Vir.Mueller Architects designed a prototype for community toilets in Rajasthan, a rural area of India. Public sanitation services are vital in India, yet the country is severely lacking such facilities.   With this in mind, the National Foundation of India asked the architects to create a prototype, with the hope that the model could be distributed around the …

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Gymnase INP / Laurens & Loustau Architectes

© Stéphane Chalmeau
Architects: Laurens & Loustau Architects
Location: Toulouse (31), France
Project Team: Marc Laurens, Pierre Loustau, Elsa Hiernaux, Joanne Pouzenc
Client: S.A Cogemip, Région Midi-Pyrénées
Engineer: Iosis Sud-Ouest
Project Area: 1,493 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau

The  building displayed is the new INP gymnasium, situated on the universuity campus of Toulouse-labège, in the middle of a …

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Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti: Symposium

[ June 4, 2010; 13:00 to 18:00. ] The Institute for Urban Design will host Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti, a public symposium on planning strategies that can lead to a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable future in Haiti.

The scope of the destruction that followed the January 12th earthquake in Haiti was so great that the rebuilding process must seek to transform the …

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Super Sustainable City Exhibit / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Niclas Dahlgren
At an exhibit in Gothenburg, architects Fredrik Kjellgren + Joakim Kaminsky from Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed a sustainable city as a ”glimpse of a possible sustainable future” for Sweden.  The project, entitled Super Sustainable City, takes the analytical findings of a previous green initiaive,”Gothenburg 2050″ and presents a new “architectonic vision.”
More about the exhibit after …

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Autodesk Autocad for Mac (Sledgehammer Beta 1) on video

A few days ago we showed you a series of screenshoots of the first Autodesk Autocad for Mac Beta (codename Sledgehammer), a preview of the UI improvements that we are going to see for this platform.
This video by ItaliaMac shows more details about the User Interface and mouse (touchpad) gestures.
Many of our …

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In Progress: Mosfilmovskaya / Sergey Skuratov Architects

© Courtesy of Sergey Skuratov Architects
Architects: Sergey Skuratov Architects
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project Team: S.Skuratov, S.Nekrasov, J.Кovaleva, I.Ilyin, P.Кarpovsky, А.Nigmatulin
Structures: I. Shipetin`s Design Bureau
Service & Engineering Systems: Alexej Kolubkov
Site Area: 20,780 sqm
Project Area: 220,715 sqm
Project Year: 2005-2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Sergey Skuratov Architects

© Courtesy of Sergey Skuratov Architects
Multifunctional complex representational features are the main tower 214-meters high and …

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